What is Difference Between Instagram and Facebook ?

What is Difference Between Instagram and Facebook ?

Social media marketers have noticed a decline in reach on Facebook and booming engagement on Instagram. Instagram has become the best platform for “marketers to interact with consumers” and our research shows the app is boasting roughly 80 times higher engagement than Facebook which owns it. We know you all are great in your fields, branding your products, advertising your company’s name but when it come to decide between these two giants of social media plat forms we recommend you INSTAGRAM.

How To Get Instagram FollowersPurchasefollowers.orgis the best possible website we have come across so far. It has some unmatchable features and providing customers who are desperately in need of huge list of followers. The point of such reference in our article is to let you guys know where to check the difference between these two social platforms. It is well known to us that FACEBOOK allows for a variety of content, it wants context. The more you describe your photos, work and education history, activities, and interest, the better Facebook understands you. And the more they understand you, the more you’ll see particular posts, which will definitely affect your brand. While on the other hand Instagram has eye-catching photos to describe every thing.

Select your self ‘the better One’ :)

When we go through social media marketing, Facebook is the big boss in the campus. It has the largest user base and has withstood the test of time. The company has redefined the way we look at it and also expanded the possibilities of social media for businesses. And now here is the new kid on the block, Instagram. In the world of social networking sites, it is still relatively new. But it arrived at a great time. We’re in a space where mobile dominates. People spend more time browsing the web on their phone than their desktops. Instagram was able to take advantage of this shift by launching as a mobile app. Similar to the way Facebook shook up the social media marketing world with its data driven approach, so is Instagram with its strict focus on mobile users and visuals. It is insanely beautiful in use. It attracts directly through its beauty in photos using filters.

Yes friends both social sites are powerful and have a lot of opportunities for your brand to engage with consumers. There’s no doubt about that. And the two are closely linked together since Facebook owns Instagram. Despite the close bond between them, they’re two separate platforms that need to be approached differently.

Statistics : Huge difference in Numbers as well :

Facebook Statistics

  • 2 billion monthly active users
  • 600 million monthly active users that are on mobiles only
  • 65%of Facebook videos occur on mobile devices
  • 50 millions small businesses have Facebook Pages

Instagram Statistics

  • 350 million monthly active users
  • 70 milliondaily users
  • 25%of Internet users are on Instagram
  • 25%of the US population uses Instagram
  • 46%of Instagram users access the app on their phone and 53% on their tablet

There are some similarities as well facebook has photo-sharing app for some devices like Apple’s i-phone and Instagram is its self a photo sharing app. But when we consider our new generation with new taste then we recommend you to go for Instagram. When your brand on Instagram has huge numbers of followers then you can directly reach out to more sales and can get more profit. So when we start thinking about followers we would like to know how to get instagram followers and likes cheap and fast so as to grab every possible benefit out of this amazing social platform called instagram.

Several sites are out there where you can purchase a lot of instagram followers and likes instantly and free as you get 10k followers and likes almost for free. Instagram is much more than a simple photo-sharing app with vintage filters. Although it looks like instagram, facebook Camera’s essence is profoundly different from Instagram’s. On the platform of instagram you can use nickname or any name whereas in facebook your real name is used.  Likes” and “Comments sound similar in Facebook and Instagram but are actually very different things in the daily use of each platform. On Instagram, photos generate a lot of interaction, with likes and comments. On Facebook, we’d usually only comment on relevant things relating to a photo.

Instagram’s filters are ways of drawing in new subscribers. after using filters, you move onto more sophisticated photo editing apps. Facebook Camera is an attempt to boost photo-sharing on the mobile without missing out on the mobile photography trend. So friends we leave it up to you choose any of these platform which suits your requirement. So now you get a lot of like and instagram followers free instantly after buying them from a reliable source like us. Site such as “purchasefollowers.org” are the best platform for getting genuine and authentic service, we help you get active instagram followers and likes in cheap and not too expensive price. Trying out everything and choosing some best techniques to boost account credibility is the best way to go viral on internet and sitting ideal and monotonously will not help you get free instagram followers and likes. So now buy instagram followers for your account and get more instagram followers free instantly as the followers’ services are provided in $3 only which is the starting package. Also if you want to get more instagram likes free fast then buy instagram likes $3 package and in return get hundreds of likes on your posts.

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